Camo Golf Shoes for Men: 8 Pairs Guaranteed to Stand Out

Last Updated on: 26th June 2024, 09:33 pm

People wear camo to become invisible; but with camo golf shoes, there’s a good chance you’ll stand out more than you blend in. Camo has a way of drawing eyes on the golf course.

Depending on your style and what you like to wear, you’ll find traditional camo designs on Cole Haans to hyper-bright Puma Ignitor options with splashes of neon color on this list to suit your fancy.

Of course, style doesn’t matter if your kicks aren’t breathable, waterproof, and ultimately comfortable on the links. That is unless you like walking around and hating every step you take. You don’t want that.

So, let’s take a look at the best camo golf shoes for men on the market — I bet you’ll find a pair worth wearing.

Table of Contents: Camo Golf Shoes

Spiked Shoes for Maximum Traction

Multi-Purpose Non-Spiked Options

Factors to Consider when Choosing Golf Shoes
Conclusion: That’s All, Folks

Spiked Shoes for Maximum Traction

The shortest part of our list has to do with spiked shoes.

Depending on where you play and your lie, you could encounter steep hills, wet conditions, and mud.

If that’s the case, spikes provide traction and stability to keep you from slipping, losing balance, and falling on your face.

Let’s take a look.

Standout Style
Callaway Coronado V2

camouflage midsole, white main, and grey heel look excellent with orange accents

It won’t surprise many people that a Callaway option stands at the top of this list. But, when you take a good look at the features built-in to these puppies you’ll quickly see why.

  • Waterproof Opti-Dri leather upper and two-year waterproof warranty
  • 9-spike thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material keeps you planted
  • CounterLok heel prevents your heal from swaying while you load up
  • Opti-Vent liner keeps your toes from overheating
  • The low-profile insert system is exceptionally comfortable

Aside from these features, from a style standpoint, the Coronados look like some of the best shoes you can buy today. Plus, they wipe clean with a rag, feel great on your feet, and are lightweight so you can play for hours.

I think you’ll love ’em.

Pros: Grip well, not obscenely priced, comes in a variety of colors — not just camo, evenly distribute weight across your feet, great for walking the course

Cons: Run a bit small for some


Bright Non-Traditional Camo

bright green, yellow, and pink make these otherwise white shoes stand out in a crowd

Puma wants to stand old boring camo on its head with its Ignite Articulate shoes that feature bright pink, green, and yellow. They look fantastic.

Aside from looks, they made the cut because they’re truly standout kicks with excellent features like:

  • Articulation geometry gives your foot some room to jive
  • PWRCAGE saddle wraps around your foot for stability
  • Lightweight PWRFRAME upper promotes stability in the region
  • IGNITE FOAM midsole soaks up choppy steps and returns energy like a turbine
  • Mesh bootie replaces tongue for full-foot wraparound — think of it like a hug

Honestly, once my trusty pair of FootJoys bites the dust I’ll likely step into these Puma Ignites. I love their look, advanced technology, and colorway.

If you’re anything like me, they might be your next spiked pair too.

Pros: Reviewers love their comfort, they’re exceptionally lightweight, eight-spike tornado system keeps you from slippin’ and slidin’, your feet feel locked into these shoes

Cons: Price


Multi-Purpose Non-Spiked Options

Many golfers prefer the comfort of a non-spiked shoe. You get the added comfort because their soles are often more flexible and lightweight.

Plus, golfers can wear them off the course as well. Because of their versatility, you’ll often find them in far greater numbers of colors and styles than their spiked brethren because they work well for many different situations — not just golf.

Finally, they can be worn on virtually any green, and they require less maintenance than spiked golf shoes.

If all these reasons make spikeless shoes appealing to you, we’ve got six great choices to consider coming right up.

Is it Camo?

bright green accent on digital-looking camouflage shoe

I’m not here to be the deciding factor on what is and what isn’t exactly camo. That’s for you to decide. But, I tend to think that the CodeChaos from adidas looks suspiciously like digital camouflage, and I like it.

With the following features, you will too.

  • BOOST midsole feels like walking on a cloud made of pogo sticks
  • Twist Grip outsole and gripmore rubber keep you planted on solid ground
  • INSITE sockliner adds comfort underfoot
  • Sidewall wrap provides extended support to your foot
  • Mesh upper features a film to keep water out

In short, adidas makes a seriously great shoe that fits extremely well and feels great on your foot.

So, if you’re looking for a camouflage golf shoe but don’t want a traditional pattern, you’ve found it.

Pros: Very stable, comfortable as heck, lightweight, waterproof, excellent looks

Cons: Run a bit small


Highly Reviewed Pair

subtle grey pattern looks good on and off course

Shoes that look great on and off the course help you make quick getaways from whatever it is you’re doing to go do something more important, like shanking your drive off the first tee box. Just kidding — kinda.

But, with a pair of these FJ Flexes, you can do just that. They feature a readymade style that works equally well on streets and the course, so you’ll look good even if you’re playing hooky.

So, what makes them a good option for the course?

  • Versa-Trak sole helps you keep your feet under you while taking a shot and walking the course
  • Lightweight mesh is comfortable for all-day golf trips
  • The soft midsole gives you that bounce while keeping you grounded
  • Waterproofing keeps your feet dry and the warranty is good for a year
  • The tongueless design offers full wraparound support for your foot

For a good-looking shoe that fits well and can help you get from your vehicle to the course in record time, check out the Flex from FootJoy.

Pros: Very comfortable, provides excellent stability, easy to maintain sole, good lateral support, breathable fabric keeps you cool

Cons: Run big for some, some have difficulty putting them on, have to wear longer socks as blisters can occur


Traditional Oxford Styling
Cole Haan

oxford-style shoe with yellow stripe

Those looking for a more old-school look than we’ve seen so far would be wise to check out Cole Haan’s OriginalGrand Wingtip.

What you get with this camo golf shoe isn’t just classic good looks, but you’re also in line to receive:

  • GRANDFOAM footbed and midsole keep you comfortable from hole to hole
  • Leather upper stays dry even in the wet
  • The padded tongue feels good right from the first wear to the last
  • Full-length rubber traction keeps you from slippin’
  • Quality cushioning makes each step dream-like

So, while the other shoes on this list may look too sporty for you, you can get many of the same great features in a more understated style.

Be sure to check out Cole Haan for this and even more styles to keep you comfortable from the office to the course.

Pros: Comfortable, lightweight, unique, true-to-size fitting, pretty grippy, will score you a compiment or two, come in wide sizing too

Cons: Some say the print can wear off, but it isn’t a widespread issue


Are Those Sneakers or What?
New Balance

golf shoe that looks like a sneaker with camo pattern and blue accents

Now that we’ve taken a gander at some of the more traditional shoes on this list, I’d like to look at sneakers turned golf shoes.

That’s right, we’re talking about the excellent New Balance 574 Greens, and if you’re looking for a casual style that looks great with chinos, shorts, or jeans, here’s one of the best choices around. What makes them so great?

  • NDurance spikeless rubber cupsole grips even soggy ground
  • Waterproof microfiber leather keeps your feet dry
  • Performance mesh upper lets your dogs breathe
  • Extra-thick sockliner helps you feel comfortable from the first hole to the last
  • Already-broken-in feel

These tennis-shoe-looking kicks have all the style of a classic New Balance sneaker, yet they’ll provide excellent stability and traction on the golf course.

If you’re a New Balance fan, or you just like casual yet cool styling, look no further than the 574 Greens.

Pros: Two-year waterproof warranty, comfortable, good rotational support, a whole mess of cushioning, feature multiple sizes and widths so they’ll fit everyone

Cons: Some golfers say they run small, and make sure to get your correct width


Minimalist Style and Maximum Comfort

minimalist black shoe with black pattern

One of the best-looking shoes on the entire list is made by TRUE. Their OG Feel line of shoes arguably looks better off the course than on it, which makes it a great addition for guys who like to look good.

Of course, a pair of golf shoes should do more than look good. With the following features, you’ll not only look good, but you’ll hopefully shoot better too.

  • Very lightweight, feel like you’re wearing socks with a thick rubber bottom
  • A flexible outsole and upper adapt to your lie
  • Leather saddle keeps these suckers on tight
  • Breathable design made for hot weather
  • Reusable shoe bag makes storing your shoes a breeze

With a few different camo options, including grey to go along with the black beaut you see here, you have fashionable choices for whatever your style is.

You can truly do much worse than this shoe, and if you care about minimalist style, the Feel is probably the best choice for you.

Pros: Well-made shoe, no break-in time needed, fit well, feeling of connection with the ground

Cons: Not great in water


Inexpensive Pair for Beginners

grey show with white midsole and black outsole

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest a big chunk of your paycheck in kicks if you’re just starting out.

That’s why investing in an affordable pair can improve your game while you see if you want to stick with the game long-term. Check out the following to see why they’re a good buy.

  • Rubber soles with protruding nubs help you get your footing
  • Breathable mesh keeps your feet comfortable
  • Insole designed to redirect sweat from your feet
  • Cushioned midsole for comfortable rounds
  • Anti-slip texture works great on and off the course

Having a pair of golf-specific shoes is one of the first steps to getting a real feel for the game. If you want to see what you’re missing compared to regular old tennis shoes, check out WOLFWAY.

Pros: Great value, good traction, fit true to size

Cons: Support somewhat lacking


Factors to Consider When Choosing Golf Shoes

Of course, as with any purchase, you’re going to want to check a few boxes and kick some times before deciding to trade cash for kicks.

I understand, that’s why I put together this little section to help you get an idea of what to look for in shoes.


If you’ve ever worn a pair of crappy shoes during an entire 18-hole round, you’ll likely agree with me that comfort is the most important factor.

You’re going to want to consider shoes with a padded footbed, cushioned sole, and good arch support. Also, make sure the shoe fits well because it shouldn’t slide around as you walk or shoot.


These days, golf shoes come in many different styles including more traditional oxford styles and newer modern variations.

As a result, you’ll want your shoes to line up with the dress code of wherever you golf most. Some places require golfers to wear traditional styles, while some allow golfers to wear colorful, modern styles.


You’ll find myriad materials used to make golf shoes including, leather, synthetic materials, and mesh.

Leather provides durability and water resistance while synthetic materials are usually lighter and breathe better. Of course, mesh is an excellent material for hot days because it breathes well, but it isn’t very water resistant.


Traction is crucial during your swing. Be sure to look for shoes or cleats that enable your feet to grip the course. Some feature removable spikes, and others come with built-in spikes that can’t be removed.

Of course, spikeless options utilize rubber nubs to help you grip the course without digging in as a cleat would. For a deeper dive, check out this great article from


If you plan on playing in the early-morning dew, you’ll need waterproofing. But that’s not the only time, as rain likes to come around in spring or during late-summer thunderstorms (at least where I live in Colorado).

So, you’ll want to consider options that have waterproof or water-resistant materials to keep your feet dry and your mind on the game. Some shoes have a waterproof membrane, and others use a coating or treatment.


Just like you need to prepare for the rain, you should also be ready for the summer heat. That’s where breathability comes in to help your feet from getting too hot and sweaty.

If you’re out golfing in the intense heat, you’ll benefit from mesh shoes that enable air to flow through the upper to keep you cool.


Shoes range anywhere from $50 to over $300. Take into account your budget and how much you’re actually golfing. If you golf all the time, investing in a quality pair makes a lot of sense.

Conversely, for golfers just starting out, try a pair that won’t break the bank.

That’s All, Folks

Choosing a great pair of camo golf shoes isn’t the most difficult task in the world, but great shoes can make the choice a little tricky. That’s why I’m glad you stopped in to check out the best options around.

Big players in the golf game including adidas, Cole Haan, Puma, FootJoy, and more each have a product out there just begging to be bought, so I hope you have a good idea of exactly what you want after reading this article.

Because finding a good pair of shoes shouldn’t be like trying to find a camouflaged leopard, they should be a means to recording your lowest score ever.

Thanks for stopping in!