7 Best Golf Chipping Mats: Practice Indoors & Out

Last Updated on: 7th July 2023, 11:30 am

Tossing your golf bag into the car just to hit some balls at the driving range chipping green is a pain; but, with one of the best golf chipping mats, you can leave the crowd behind to chip in peace from wherever you want.

Of course, you’ll want to keep your backyard free from divots, so you’ll need durable materials that won’t break down no matter how badly you duff your shot.

But you’ll want to consider more than durability alone. Important considerations like pricing, size, and portability will most likely enter the equation when choosing the perfect chipping mat for you.

Enough with all the talk, for the best golf chip mat you can buy today just keep reading.

Table of Contents: Best Golf Chipping Mats

What to Look for in a Golf Chip Mat
Conclusion: Wrapping Up My Favorite Mats

Best Overall
GoSports Artificial Turf Mat

nice golf chipping mat lining up a shot is reviewed very well on amazon

The best indoor and outdoor practice mat you can buy comes from GoSports. I like it for a few key reasons.

First, even in its smallest size (5’x3′), it provides enough space for golfers to stand on completely.

With some cheaper and smaller options, you’ll find yourself chipping from an uneven surface.

And while I know that not every shot will be level, most chips will be because you’re shooting from around the green.

Second, the mat is extremely durable. You’ll get thousands of shots off this golf chip mat, and it won’t break a sweat. And finally, while it’s not exactly cheap, you’ll save a bunch of time fixing divots in the backyard.

All in all, it’s an excellent buy for golfers who want to get their swings tuned up and ready for the course.


The Pick-Any-Size-You-Want Choice
LITA Golf Surface

green mat material showed on front and back

If our top pick doesn’t come in a size suitable for your needs, allow me to introduce you to LITA’s fantastic golf mat.

Available in a range of sizes from 1 ft x 24 to a massive 13 x 82 ft, this durable, no-maintenance mat enables you to focus on your short game and create your own personal chipping green.

Depending on where you want to set this mat up, it performs very well indoors and out. As an outdoor option, it helps protect your grass while you get in some much-needed practice.

When you use it indoors, you can set up your dream green, hone your chipping and putting techniques, and forget about the weather when snow or rain starts to fall during the off-season.

Ultimately, while the LITA golf mat isn’t the most portable option on the list, if you have a dream practice scenario in mind this product can help make it a reality.


Extremely Durable Octogon

octagon-shaped green golf mat with ball holder

If you’re looking for a golf chipping mat that won’t hurt your wrists and joints, lasts for years, and can handle your irons, check out this DURA-PRO.

Designed to take the beating of commercial use, but portable enough to move around the house, you’ll be able to practice just about any shot in your arsenal without having to worry about ponying up for another golf mat in the near future.

And due to its unique shape, you’ll have ample room to practice without ever feeling cramped. I think this element is key to choosing the absolute best chipping surface you can find.

In short, this chipping mat makes for an excellent addition to your golf training aids. If you’re serious about golf and demand a product that can stand up to tons of swings day in and day out, this might be the best chipping mat for you.


Highly Versatile Option
Ruckett Tri-Turf

mat with three different length synthetic grasses to simulate different lies

Okay, so you need to practice more shots than just chips. I get it.

With Ruckett’s cheap golf mat, you’ll have the ability to shoot from three different surfaces which provides excellent value for golfers who want to work on more than just their short game.

And because this mat is highly portable, you can not only save the grass in your backyard, but you can leave grass blades unharmed just about anywhere you can set this baby down — like your mom and dad’s house.

For one of the best values in golf training aids you can find, Ruckett’s Tri-Turf chipping mat for golf delivers the goods.


Great Value and Alignment

green mat with adjustment sticks to help golfers maintain a consistent swing

Alignment sticks are a tried and true method of helping golfers keep their feet, knees, shoulders, and everything else that goes into a golf swing lined up.

Because you have to consider so much when it comes to your golf swing, alignment sticks are helpful. And with CHAMPKEY’s PRO chipping mat for golf, they come included.

Now, about the mat. This portable and highly effective mat comes with a budget-friendly price tag that keeps you swinging a club both indoors and out. And with two sizes to choose from, you get exactly what you want.

So, if you want a full complement of golf training aids to keep your swing in order and your chip shots going in the right direction, CHAMPKEY’s PRO mat for golf is a great choice.


Smallish, Portable, and Useful
Callaway Launch Zone

nice green mat with a sturdy base keeps it on the ground even during hard swings

If you’re looking for a name-brand, durable, and portable golf chip mat, Callway has you covered with its Launch Zone mat.

Constructed of durable materials, this product is equally at home as it is outdoors and on the road. Available in two easy-to-move sizes, this puppy is portable as all get out.

You’ll be able to practice your chips, and even drives, just about anywhere you want.

And with its weighted base, it stays in place even when you’re a bit off.

All in all, you can do a lot worse than this golf training aid from Callaway.


Fun Indoor Chipping Game
GoSports Chip N’ Stick Golf Game

fun chipping game with areas sectioned off to show points

Ultimately, golf is about having fun.

Sometimes it’s great to head out with the boys to your favorite municipal course, and other times you just want to beat your kid, wife, friend, or all three in a chipping game at home.

If the latter option sounds like a fun time, you’re gonna love GoSports’ fun chipping game you can play indoors and out.

With velcro balls, when you hit a shot and it lands on the golf chipping mat, it’ll stick and you can then tally up your points. While it won’t be the most durable option on this list, the rug that comes with the mat offers plenty of durability for hours of fun.

In short, if you want to have a fun time while still working on your ever-evolving short game, the Chip N’ Stick is right up your alley.


Cheapest On the List
TRUEDAYS Chipping Mat for Golf

inexpensive mat for saving grass

Saving money is always smart, especially when you consider that golf isn’t exactly the cheapest game in the world.

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet relatively durable chipping surface, look no further than TRUEDAYS golf mat.

This mat provides an excellent surface to practice chipping, and you can use it in the house or outside in the backyard.

Ultimately, getting in as many swings as you can provides the best chance for you to up your game, so using an affordable mat makes a lot of sense for those just starting.

Or f you decide the game isn’t exactly for you, you’re not out a bunch of money on a golf mat.


What To Look for In a Golf Chip Mat

It may seem like a pretty easy task; picking out a golf mat for chipping. And for the most part, it isn’t the most important decision you’ll make in your entire golfing life, but there are a number of factors to take into account.

Let’s take a look at some key considerations.


I think the most important consideration you can make when choosing a golf mat is durability. Because you’re swinging a metal club at an artificial surface, it needs to remain intact after thousands of swings — you can’t just stick more grass in it like a divot.

So, you’re going to want to consider long-lasting materials like nylon. Then, you’ll want to look at the thickness of each mat you’ve got your eye on. Thicker mats, of course, weigh more, but they often use stronger materials.

For the most durable option you can find, look for a commercial product like the DURA-PRO octagon-shaped mat. It can stand up to the outdoors as well as thousands of swings.


Practicing your swing anywhere you can bring your chipping mat makes a lot of sense, especially if you’re on the go a lot. With that in mind, you’re going to want to consider how big the mat is, how heavy it is, and ultimately if you have room for it.

For a highly portable option, check out the TRUEDAYS chipping mat for golf.

Surface Texture

Most of the products we list here use a texture similar to that you’d find at or near a green. Because chipping happens relatively close to the hole, it’s important that the golf chip mat accurately represents what you’ll find on the course.

But, if you want to practice more swings than just chip shots, choosing a surface with different heights makes a lot of sense. Then, you get the best of multiple worlds, meaning you can practice your chips, as well as practice the inevitable shots out of the rough.

Check out the Rucket Tri-Turf for an option that delivers it all.

Turf Thickness

Proper thickness better replicates the ball spin that a great chip shot should have to be successful. Thankfully, we have you covered here with excellent products that replicate that experience.

For one of the best chipping surfaces you can find, look no further than our number one option, the GoSports artificial turf mat.


This relates a bit to portability, I think, but it’s also a critical factor when deciding your next chipping mat for golf. Depending on the area you have to work with, you’ll have the opportunity for many different sizes.

Thankfully, most of these mats here provide the option to pick a size that works best for you. And LITA’s golf surface comes in absolutely massive sizes so can get as much as you need.


Finally, the most obvious factor any golfer looks into when selecting gear — price. Depending on your budget, it makes a lot of sense to get high-quality items that will last for years and years.

That said, if you’re just getting into the game and want to suss it out before dropping big money, I think it’s wise to save money.

Ultimately, practice is key, so any way that you can take more swings allows you to score lower. Buy what you can afford and keep on taking shots.

Wrapping Up My Favorite Mats

There you have it, the absolute best golf chipping mat you can buy today. I think that practice is probably the most important aspect of playing consistently good golf, especially if you want to score some birdies, so picking a quality option that fits your needs is the best bet.

No matter whether you plan to shoot indoors or outdoors, in the backyard or at the office, I hope you found what you need to keep on swinging. Whether that’s an ultra-portable option, the durability of a commercial mat, or something cheap I hope you keep honing that short game.

Thanks for stopping into Golf Gear Club, now let’s get to chippin’.