Coldest Golf Cart Cooler: The Best Mount, Bag & Push Cart Styles

Last Updated on: 12th July 2023, 10:37 am

A quality golf cart cooler is a must-have accessory for any golfer looking to stay hydrated and refreshed during hotter rounds.

But where to start?

With ice boxes coming in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles you’ll first want to consider which type of cooler you’d like. Among your choices include cart-mounted ice chests, soft-sided bags, and coolers that attach to push carts.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at all the best options on the market within each of those categories, leaving you to pick the one that fits your individual needs.

Let’s take a look at the best golf cart coolers you can buy today.

Table of Contents: Best Golf Cart Cooler

Mountable Choices

Soft-Sided Golf Cart Bags

Push Cart Coolers

What to Look for in Golf Cart Coolers
Conclusion: Put It on Ice

Mountable Choices

I wanted to start the list with permanently mounted coolers for personal golf carts. These units are made to slide into a fender basket, fit into a bracket, or attach to the front cowl and stay there.

For coolers that easily fit into the back basket, head down to our Soft-Sided Golf Cart Bags section for more portable options.

Perfect for Flat Fenders
Performance Plus Carts

black cooler with bottles inside

If you’ve got a flat (or flat enough) fender you can drill four holes into, you can install a mountable cooler on your golf cart.

Specifically designed to work with EZGO TXT, Club Car DS, Star, and Yamaha Drive models, this icebox looks right at home sitting on the rear fender of your rig.

That placement is helpful because it stays out of the way. It won’t crowd you while you sit in the cart, and it’ll never interfere with your clubs in the back. In short, Performance Plus Carts made it look like it’s supposed to be there.

Note: This option will not work with EZGO RXV carts; you can find that puppy here. For Club Car-compatible alternatives, continue to the next cooler.

Pros: Works with many common golf carts, comes with mounting hardware, great customer service, fits on both left and right sides, holds six cans, stays cold all round

Cons: Some might consider it a bit pricey

Best for: Buggies with level mounting locations


Made for Club Car Models

black cooler with bracket

For Club Car owners that rock Precedents, Onwards, and Tempos, you can still get a great cooler, but you’ll have to mount it differently because of how Club Car designed the body.

Thankfully, Amazon retailer Drive-Up has just the accessory. Fitted with a mounting mechanism that enables the ice box to slide into place on a bracket, you won’t need to worry about whether or not your fender is flat enough.

Plus, it’s easy to install, so you get more time to enjoy cold drinks.

Pros: Looks great, slides in and out of position easily, keeps six drinks cold

Cons: A bit pricey

Best for: Precedent, Onward, and Tempo Club Car owners


Universal Cowl-Strapped Beer Pocket
Green Hills

soft sided icebox attaches to front of cart. looks like hoodie pocket.

Forget about all this cart-compatibility stuff for a second and instead consider the universal Hoodie Cooler from Green Hills.

With the Hoodie Cooler, instead of breaking out the drill, you’ll use strong nylon straps to secure the pocket to the frame. After it’s installed, it’ll look like your cart is wearing a fanny pack filled with ice-cold beer, water, and soda.

All in all it’s a well-executed idea and a wonderful way to keep all your beverages cold without adding any bulky items that could fall around your feet.

Pros: Works great, installs fast, stays cold, enough capacity for the whole crew, well made

Cons: Aside from price, not a lot

Best for: Golfers who want good capacity in a fun package


Soft-Sided Golf Cart Bags

If you don’t own a golf cart, or maybe you want a bag with some added versatility over the mounted options, a great place to find it is with a soft-sided cooler. To make these cart-friendly, I carefully considered the average size of the back basket to ensure each product fits inside.

Of course, not all baskets are the same so you’ll have to contemplate sizing before you pull the trigger. Ultimately, the best part about these bags is they combine form with function.

Not only do they look good, but they provide a convenient way to keep food and drinks cold while also holding other random stuff.

Best Overall
Arctic Zone

zipperless bag with strap

My pick for the best overall soft-sided cooler bag for golf carts was chosen because of one simple factor: convenience.

With the Acric Zone Titan, you get a bag that fits in virtually all the back baskets of golf carts making it a great go-to option. But aside from its dimensions, my favorite feature of this bag is its easy-open top.

With a simple pull on the lid, you can easily access all your ice-cold beverages and more — all without having to fuss with a zipper. While that may not seem like a big deal, it makes reaching in from the front seat much easier.

Pros: Holds up to 15 cans, HardBody liner and shelf separate cans from food, pockets on front and sides for extra storage, water, and stain repellant, comes with shoulder strap

Cons: Not going to keep stuff cold for more than a day

Best for: A hot day at the golf course


High-End Pick

soft-sided cooler with shoulder strap and handles

If you want more cooling longevity in an awesome fairway green package, the RTIC Soft Pack insulated container is the best option for you.

While I do love the Titan, I think the Soft Pack might be the best soft-sided ice chest you can buy period. Not only does it cost far fewer dollars than some of the high-end brands, but its closed-cell insulation makes ice last a full day.

So, if you play in super-hot weather, there might not be a better bang for your buck out there than this RTIC option. Plus, just because you’re not playing golf doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like a cold drink.

Pros: Great all-around cooler, floats, durable, well-built, leakproof, lightweight, it floats, keeps stuff cold for 24 hours, highly portable

Cons: Zipper can get stuck

Best for: People who play in July and August, those who want an excellent soft-sided cold box for camping, hunting, fishing, and more


Collapsible and Easy-to-Pack

black option that compresses down into easy-to-pack disk

With the ability to compress into a disk, InTheZone’s highly portable cooler slides into your bag with ease so you won’t have anything extra to lug around once your round is over.

And because it weighs just a pound, you’ll barely know it’s there when you’re not using it.

After your round, just wipe it out, compress it, and slide it into your golf bag for easy storage.

Pros: Indiana-based company, doesn’t leak, holds up to 14 cans, durable, rain resistant, flip top is super convenient

Cons: No straps, only a single zipper head, won’t last all day

Best for: Golfers who don’t need more stuff taking up valuable space


Push Cart Coolers

Walking the course is great exercise, but it can get hot as you know what out there. To help you keep your cool when the mercury spikes, an insulated that attaches to your push cart will make those dog days of summer more bearable.

Thankfully, I found three excellent options to help keep you from melting away on a hot summer day.

Backpack Style for Maximum Portability

cooler that looks like a backpack

When I was a much younger guy I would have loved to own this backpack. That’s because I often snuck beverages to and from my friend’s houses on my back. The problem was, they never stayed cold.

Athletico’s pushcart-attaching backpack could have solved that little problem of mine, all while looking like an unsuspecting schoolboy bag. Mom would’ve never seen it coming.

Now, I don’t need to hide anything — especially cold pops. But, that doesn’t mean I want a bag that stands out and looks like a cooler while I’m on the course. Thankfully, Athletico’s bag keeps a low profile and stays cool.

Pros: Upper PEVA liner with bonded seams doesn’t leak, keeps beverages cold for 12 hours, clip-off top handle makes securing to the cart easy, exterior pockets hold miscellaneous stuff like keys, phone, and wallet, convenient enough to haul around on and off the course, holds six to 12 drinks

Cons: Doesn’t fit all carts

Best for: Fooling your parents, keeping beer cold in a well-designed backpack


Strapped and Ready

teal cooler with straps

Perhaps the most useable product on this list comes from Darwav.

What I like most about this bag is all the ways you can carry it. You’ve got a handle on the top, a shoulder strap, and two clip-lock straps on the back that enable it to attach to most push carts.

It’s also small enough to fit in just about any golf cart basket. If you want an extraordinarily versatile product that helps you keep your drinks cold and snacks organized on the golf course and beyond, Darwav makes a fine product.

Pros: Insulation time of around 12 hours, holds 9 cans and ice, can attack to roller luggage bag, front pocket is a great way to store dry food

Cons: Small zippers

Best for: Golfers and people who want a versatile bag that lasts 18 holes


Clicgear Compatible

black and white bag with clicgear written on it

For golfers who use a Clicgear push cart, and there are a bunch of you, you might want to consider this insulated bag from the same brand.

Made to work with push cart models including the 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5+, you can stash up to six cans in the bag’s insulated lower. And because a cold beer isn’t as good without a salty snack, the upper pocket holds dry goods like chips or nuts for your snacking pleasure.

Whether you want to save some dough by bringing refreshments and snacks to the course, or just like the convenience of a cooler strapped to your cart, this bag makes a great addition to your gear.

Pros: Has dedicated mesh ice pack pocket, doesn’t look out of place on the cart, fits the cart securely

Cons: Magnet used to close the top of bag isn’t the strongest, a bit small, doesn’t fit glass bottles very well

Best for: Clicgear users


What to Look for in Golf Cart Coolers

Choosing a nice cooler for your golf cart isn’t too tall of a task, as long as you look for a few key things, which we consider below.


Take into account exactly how much space you need to store your beverages and snacks. The trick here is to balance capacity with size so that your cooler fits into the golf cart comfortably and out of your way.


Insulation is what keeps heat out and cold in, and helps you to keep your food and drinks chilled for longer periods. High-quality insulation prevents ice from melting quickly so you stay refreshed throughout your round.

Be sure to look for options that feature thick insulation and a tightly sealed lid to keep your drinks and food cold.


You need a product that can stand up to the bumps and jostles of a golf cart transport. Look for coolers with tough outer shells or ripstop fabrics to ensure your cooler lasts for years to come.


With all the other stuff you need to carry around for a round of golf, you need to ensure that your golf cart cooler is easy to transport and move.

With that in mind, search for lightweight and compact options that fit into your golf cart’s basket or strap onto your push cart. Some of the best ones compress all the way down into a disk while others feature backpack straps for easy transport.


Some options come with additional features like built-in bottle openers and hard plastic liners. Consider which features you want and leave the rest behind.


The most pressing concern for most of us comes down to price. Be sure to consider how much you’re willing to spend before letting go of your hard-earned cash, and look for an option that offers the best value for your budget.

Put It on Ice

After carefully examining and comparing some of the top golf cart coolers on the market, it’s clear that each cooler has its own unique features and benefits. Some offer larger storage capacities, while others are much more portable and convenient.

Ultimately, the best option for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. Perhaps you need one that mounts on your golf cart, or you just want one to fit in the basket and open up easily. On the other hand, maybe you’re a push cart golfer and want one that attaches to your Clicgear.

No matter which golf cart cooler you choose, the most important thing is to stay hydrated during your round. With one of the options we’ve outlined here, hopefully, you do so for years to come.