How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh? Club Car, E-Z-GO & Yamaha

Last Updated on: 10th July 2023, 11:15 pm

There are myriad reasons to wonder, “how much does a golf cart weigh?” Maybe you have a light-duty SUV or pickup and want to get an idea of how much yours weighs before you put it on a trailer. Or, perhaps you’ve got a bigger truck and think you can safely haul your golf car in the bed.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place to get an accurate weight for popular Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts.

Depending on the model you’ve got and whether it’s gasoline or electrically powered, you’ll see that there can be significant weight differences between models. For quick access to models associated with these popular brands, be sure to click the link in the table of contents that follows the handy little note immediately below.

Quick Note: For all golf carts listed here, I am going to use the curb weight instead of the dry weight. I like using the curb weight because it’s a measure of how much a cart weighs with all the fluids required for operation — including a full tank of gas. In the case of an electric cart, the curb weight indicates how much a cart weighs with its batteries installed. In short, it’s the heavier of the two weights, so you know the maximum number of pounds or kilograms you’ll have to support.

Table of Contents

Club Car Models

E-Z-GO Golf Carts

Yamaha Golf Cars

Factors That Impact Golf Cart Weight

So How Much Does Your Golf Cart Weigh?

Popular Club Car Models and Their Weights

Many golfers and golf cart enthusiasts regard Club Car as the “gold standard” for golf carts, so it makes sense that we start with this iconic brand. As the makers of several different models of golf cars, we’ll dig into the most popular in hopes that you get the information you need quickly.

Model Drive Train Weight
DS Gasoline 600 lbs. or 300 kg.
DS 36V 841 lbs. or 381.5 kg.
DS 48V 854 lbs. or 387.4 kg.
DS 48V 872 lbs. or 395.5 kg.
Precedent 48V 855 lbs. or 388 kg.
Onward Gas 675 lbs. or 306 kg.
Onward High-Performance Lithium 717 lbs. or 325 kg.
Onward 48V 975 lbs. or 442 kg.
Tempo Gasoline 642 lbs. or 291 kg.
Tempo 48V 903 lbs. or 410 kg.

Hopefully, your Club Car model here is shown, and as you can see, the lightest cart you’ll find tips the scales at around 600 lbs, while the heaviest will come in at nearly 1000. It’s best to accommodate more weight, as it’s likely you could have a golf bag attached or a speaker mounted.

Weights of E-Z-GO Golf Carts

As the original golf cart manufacturer, E-Z-GO has a tremendous reputation for making quality carts that are durable and stand up to frequent use. As such, you’ll find them in the garages of golfers around the world. Plus, because of their durability and availability, they’re a popular choice for golf course fleets.

Let’s take a look at their weights.

Model Drive Train Weight
Medalist 36V 927 lbs. or 420 kg.
Medalist Gas 704 lbs. or 320 kg.
Freedom TXT Gas (Kawasaki) 820 lbs. or 372 kg.
Freedom TXT Gas (EX1) 739 lbs. or 335 kg.
Freedom TXT 48V 943 lbs. or 429 kg.
Freedom TXT ELiTE 2.0 638 lbs. or 290 kg.
Freedom RXV Gas (Kawasaki) 747 lbs. or 339 kg.
Freedom RXV 48V 905 lbs. or 410.5 kg.
Freedom RXV ELiTE 2.0 655 lbs. or 297 kg.
Express S4 Gas (Kawasaki) 910 lbs. or 413 kg.
Express S4 48V 1469 lbs. or 662 kg.
Express S4 ELiTE 2.0 996 lbs. or 452 kg.
Express 4×4 72V 1685 lbs. or 764 kg.
Express L6 72V 1560 lbs. or 708 kg.
Freedom 72V 72V 1200 lbs. or 545 kg.

As you can see, E-Z-GO offers a multitude of models. I went ahead and included an L6 because some of you may have one. But, I didn’t include them all. I used the heaviest one I could find so you’ll be prepared no matter what the specific model you use should you go with the weight I have listed.

How Much Yamaha Golf Carts Weigh

Last but not least is the relatively new kid on the block — Yamaha. While they’re not the oldest golf cart manufacturer on this list, they make quality carts with a number of innovations that enable them to compete with the old stalwart brands E-Z-GO and Club Car.

Let’s see how their carts stack up in terms of weight.

Model Drive Train Weight
QuieTech EFI Gas 750 lbs. or 340 kg.
Drive2 Gas 717.2 lbs. or 325 kg.
Drive2 AC 48V 973.3 lbs. or 441.5 kg.
PowerTech AC 48V 995.3 lbs. or 451.5 kg.
G22 Gas 706 lbs. or 320 kg.
G22 48V 927 lbs. or 441.5 kg.

As you can see, depending on the drive train, you’ll notice significant variations in weight across Yamaha’s offerings. That said, prepare for about 1000 pounds of weight and you should be fine.

Now, let’s take a look at the factors that contribute to golf car weight to get an idea of why different drive trains, frames, and designs add up to different weights across brands and models.

Factors that Impact Cart Weight

We’re going to dig into some of the specifics about how and why different carts weigh more or less than others.

Chassis and Frame

The materials used, like steel or aluminum, affect the overall weight of specific golf carts. Depending on how they’re constructed, you’ll find significant variations across brands and models.


Electric golf carts use lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries to power the motor that drives them forward. But, those batteries can be pretty heavy. Depending on their size and capacity, they’ll weigh more or less.

Motor / Engine

The size and type of motor or engine employed in the golf cart greatly affect its weight. More powerful motors and engines weigh more, and depending on if the car is designed to handle hills or carry a bunch of passengers, the weight will increase.

Seating Capacity

The number of seats or passengers a golf cart can accommodate directly impacts its weight. Cars designed to carry more passengers require heavier frames and more powerful motors/batteries/engines to power their passengers.

Accessories and Features

Golf carts come with various accessories and features like roofs, windshields, storage compartments, coolers, stereo systems, and more each adds additional weight to the car itself. More accessories mean more weight.

Tires and Wheels

The size, type, and material used to construct the tires and wheels can influence the weight of a golf cart. Larger and more robust tires and wheels designed for off-road use tend to weigh more than smaller wheels and tires.

Body Design

The design and construction of the body of the golf cart, meaning its panels and components and the material used to make them each impact the weight of the cart. Fiberglass or plastic bodies weigh less than their metal counterparts.

Cargo Capacity

Some units designed for utility purposes feature cargo beds or hauling capabilities. Each of these design elements directly correlates to the weight of a specific cart.

So How Much Does Your Golf Cart Weigh?

Depending on any number of factors, determining how much does a golf cart weigh can mean many different things. Is the car powered by gas or is it reliant on motors and batteries to get it to move?

Then, the materials used in the construction of the frame and body each impact its weight. Finally, taking into account any modifications you’ve made to the cart will give you an idea of exactly how much your particular car weighs.

I hope that my tables give you a great place to start taking into account how much your golf cart weighs. If you want me to include any different carts, like some of the newer brands, drop a comment below.

Thanks for stopping in.