Golf Glove Holders: Case, Wallet, Pouch & More Styles

Last Updated on: 10th July 2023, 11:40 pm

You may not appreciate one now, but a golf glove holder will change how you think about storing your small golf accessories.

These little cases will become the go-to spot to store your gloves because they make gloves last longer. If you golf a lot, that can add up.

And for the sake of organization, you’ll fit tees, pencils, hat clips, and a whole bunch more in an easy-to-find case clipped to your bag.

Depending on how you want to store your stuff, I made sure to include three different styles of golf glove holders including cases, wallet styles, and pouches.

If you dig organization, you’ll find it below.

Table of Contents: Best Golf Glove Holders

Case-Style Glove Holders

Wallet-Style Caddys

Pouch-Style Organizers

Hanging Glove Holders

Wrapping Up the Best Glove Holders

Case-Style Golf Glove Holders

I think case-style organizers might be my favorite design on the list because they offer the most organization you’ll find in this category.

While they generally don’t have the ability to store more than three gloves separately, you’ll find spaces for tees, divot tools, hat clips, and more.

Essentially, case-style holders act as the “shot-to-shot” space where you can quickly find your most-used gear.

If you want to store a bunch of gloves, say upwards of 6, skip the next section for wallet-style holders.

Best for Organizing It All
Platypus Golf Co.

white case for golf gear storage

The best option on this list comes from Platypus Golf Co. And when you consider all the features, you’ll see why.

As the only case I have listed here with a glove shaper, your gloves will last 2-3 times longer because they won’t stick to themselves when drying. Then, it’s excellent design stashes small gear including tees, hat clips, and even AirPods, neatly and conveniently.

Check one out today and see what all the fuss is about.

Pros: Looks great, very low profile, well made, comes in five great colors, available for right and left-handed golfers, magnetic marker holder, breathability holes keep your gloves looking new, clips to bag

Cons: Not the cheapest on the list, some find it too slim, no velcro ring outside to quickly attach the glove


No-Frills Glove Keeper

red zippered holder for golf gloves

If you’re not looking to spend quite as much as you would on the Platypus case, you’ve got an excellent alternative at hand with this Stripebird option.

With the ability to easily attach to your golf bag, this case keeps your gloves at the ready with a circular velcro ring on the outside that makes for a great place to stick your glove. Then, with a mesh back your gloves stay dry and ready for another round.

All in all, if you’re looking for an exceptionally well-made case to store your gloves, cell phone, keys, tees, and any other small golf accessory at a really good price, Stripebird is the way to go.

Pros: Comes in five colors to match your gear, can fit a good number of gloves,

Cons: A little small for big gloves


The Store-More Case

blue zippered golf glove holder

The douper case listed here straddles the line between a case-style golf glove holder and the wallet-style options listed below.

On the right side you’ll find a layered section that can hold up to three gloves. Then, looking at the left side, it has elastic bands to store tees, hat clips, and divot tools. And because it’s hard-sided, it’s durable enough to last for years.

For the best of both worlds, be sure to consider the douper case.

Pros: Clips to bag easily, very well made, well designed, zipper doesn’t stick

Cons: Only comes in one color, no velcro ring to attach gloves outside of the case


Inexpensive Option

smallish black fingerten glove storage

Those looking to save some bucks and try out a golf glove holder have found themselves an excellent option with this FINGER TEN golf accessory.

This case-style organizer with hook helps golfers stay organized, yet it doesn’t cost much more than a glove itself.

Think of it like this: For the price of a glove you can extend the life of your existing mitts. It basically pays for itself.

Pros: Cheap, hard-sided case keeps your phone protected, fits a few gloves, keeps your gloves from folding up, extends glove life

Cons: Only comes in black, some people with very large gloves might look for a bigger option


Hard-Sided Organizer with all the Fixins

hard sided glove glove case

For those looking to buy a case that comes with a bunch of extra stuff, perhaps as a gift, or as a simple way to get a bunch of useful golf gear for a relatively low price, be sure to check out what Ravaver has going on with their bundle.

With extras including a golf towel and two-sided brush, golfers who are just starting out get a few extra tools and the space to keep their most-used items.

It hasĀ  enough room for your ball markers, tees, hat clips, and divot tool. And with a mesh back, your gloves will stay fresher and last longer. It’s a great deal for a cool case.

Pros: Velcro circle helps keep your glove ready for use hole after hole, clips to bag easily, inexpensive

Cons: Kinda small, clip strap might not be the most durable


Wallet-Style Caddys

Unlike the case-style gloves we just checked out, wallet-style golf glove holders are made to primarily hold gloves. That’s not to say they can’t store small things like tees, pencils, and cash, but their main purpose is glove storage.

The reason they’re called wallet-style holders is because they store gloves like bills, each stacked on top of the other like a wad of Benjamins.

Let’s check ’em out.

Luxurious Leather Pick

leather case that looks like pocket book

If you want the most luxurious leather glove holder around, I suggest you take a good long hard look at this Ulther wallet.

With enough space for up to 4 gloves placed between well-made dividers, you’ll always have a glove ready. So, if you accidentally dipped your hand in the drink or it simply got too sweaty to help you grip your club, this might be the product for you.

Plus, it does offer a bit of extra storage, though it isn’t much. With a zippered pocket inside the wallet, you’ll find space for pencils, business cards, and a bit of cash.

Pros: Extends glove life, very well made, durable and available in four colors, durable, and made of grade AAA leather

Cons: Pricey, but worth it for the folks who demand quality


Stackin’ Gloves
Zero Friction

rectangular soft sided case for gloves

I understand not wanting to spend a pretty penny on a simple bag to hold your gloves. But, if you’re the type of golfer who brings multiple gloves to the course, you’ll need a quality bag to store them in. Thankfully, Zero Friction has you covered.

With space for up to 6 gloves, you’ll always have a dry glove at the ready. And thanks to its breathable mesh base material, when the round is over, all your gloves will get the airflow needed to fully dry.

Unlike some of the other cases and pouch organizers we’ve got listed here, you won’t store more than a few tees in this bag. But if you want a solid option for storing golf gloves at an approachable price, check out this Zero Friction glove holder.

Pros: Made of soft sheepskin leather, helps you organize gloves based on what you’re wearing that day, keeps gloves flat and ready for use

Cons: A bit on the smaller side, many people don’t receive the free tees listed on the Amazon page


Pouch-Style Organizers

If you want more organizational qualities than cases provide but want extra depth to store things like golf balls, a pouch-style organizer might be your best bet.

I made sure to find a couple of options that will help you store your gear. One is good for organizing your stuff, and the other is more of a basic pouch for tossing items in.

A Place for Everything

pouch that can fit balls, tees, and more

Maybe you’re not looking for a hard-sided case for your gloves. In that case, pouches provide the perfect alternative. And, I couldn’t find one better than this GOTAYA.

With enough storage space for gloves, balls, tees, your cell phone, and even a few nips of your favorite whiskey, this little pouch has it all. And with a convenient handle to carry it or a nice clip to attach it to your golf bag, you can keep all your most important gear organized and ready to go.

For one of the best golf accessory storage pouches available, look no further than the GOTAYA pouch.

Pros: Convenient, portable, easy to use, makes a great gift, frequently on sale

Cons: Not very large, no mesh to help glove dry out faster


One Simple Pouch

black pouch to stash gear

Golfers who don’t care much about organizing all their gear, but just want a place to stash their stuff for quick retrieval should look no further than Titleist’s pouch.

With an extremely simple design, you’ll have an even smaller space to rummage through while looking for your golf gloves, tees, and other small accessories without having to look through one of 8 different pockets in your golf bag.

Or, if you want a well-constructed bag that will work well for stashing travel stuff like razors, toothpaste, and all those other fun items, I think this pouch would work great. So while it might not explicitly exist as a golf glove holder, you’ll get tons of use out of it.

Pros: Not very well suited for top-notch organization like others listed above, made high-quality materials

Cons: No velcro spot to attach glove


Hanging Glove Holders

If you’re looking for an extremely simple design to help you hang up and dry your gloves, I have a couple of extremely inexpensive solutions coming up next.

These devices simply attach to your belt or golf bag to help keep your gloves in an easy-to-find location.

Let’s check ’em out.

Attach to Your Belt

belt attachment in black

Attaching your gloves to your belt with a clip keeps them on the ready and easy to find.

But that’s not the only benefit. You’ll also be able to dry your gloves in between uses by clipping the device to your golf bag and letting your glove air out and dry completely. That means no more crumpled-up gloves jammed into a random pocket in your bag. Now they’ll last longer and be easier to find.

All in all, for a highly convenient solution that’ll keep your gloves nearby and dry, this belt glove holder will work wonders for you.

Pros: Glove holds shape better, two-sided velcro helps golfers who use two gloves, comes in a pack of 2 so you’ll always have an extra

Cons: Hooks don’t work well with belt-less bottoms, gets in the way for some golfers


Clip Anywhere

two plastic glove stretches that look like hands

What if I told you a device that costs less than 10 dollars can help prolong the life of your golf gloves, which ultimately saves you money?

It’s true, with the FINGER TEN clip-to-bag or anywhere else shaper, you’ll extend the life of your gloves by keeping them dry and helping to promote the correct glove shape.

Because they’re allowed to dry completely, meaning the insides of the glove won’t touch, the glove won’t take on that rough texture that leaving them in your bag will. And, because they’ll maintain their shape, you’ll want to wear them round after round.

Pros: Very inexpensive, portable, lightweight, money-saving, work with larger and smaller gloves, keep gloves in an easy-to-reach area

Cons: Thumb is a little wonky


Wrapping Up the Best Glove Caddies

I sure hope you found a golf glove holder that will improve the longevity of your gloves and provide some organization to your bag.

To fulfill those needs, we examined the best of the best, and hopefully, you found what you’re looking for through our research. Whether that’s a case-style, wallet-style, pouch, or otherwise holder they come in all sorts of materials from plastic to mesh and leather.

So thanks for checking out the article, and I hope you found one of the best tools to clip to your bag to keep you organized between shots. Thanks for stopping in.