Funny Golf Gloves: 6 Picks for Men & Women

Last Updated on: 26th June 2024, 09:29 pm

There’s an easier way to get a laugh than smoking a golf ball into the ball-picking cart at a driving range; with one of these funny golf gloves for men and women, you’ll score a chuckle without embarrassing that poor ball boy again.

It’s a win-win situation.

So strap in and take a look at the best funny golf gloves we could find from Nice Shot, Golf Gods, and more.

Table of Contents: Funny Golf Gloves

Conclusion: That’s All, Folks

Flip ‘Em the Bird
Nice Shot

white golf glove with "nice shot" written on middle finger

Sometimes you want your friend to know exactly how you feel after they make a shot that’s generally outside of their capabilities.

With the flick of a finger, you can tell that sucker exactly how you feel with Nice Shot’s “The Bird” Cabretta leather glove. And with some well-placed holes for ventilation, no matter how hot you get, your hands will keep cool.

If you’ve got a lady friend who likes to share their emotions, this glove is available in women’s sizes too.

Pros: Very soft leather, comfortable, removable snap button can be used as a ball marker, will score you a ton of laughs

Cons: Not super durable, runs small


Kiss the Ring
Giggle Golf

oversized looking hand that's actually a glove

To me, this glove and its huge fake painted-on diamond are hilarious. Not only will your hand look like a plastic doll’s, but everyone will know exactly how much your husband let you down with the wedding ring.

Then, the geometrically painted nails demonstrate that a real diva is, in fact, on the course. But, what about the glove itself?

It’s made of spandex and leather, so it should flex well and hold up okay on the course. Plus, tons of golfers say they fit perfectly, and with 30 different styles to choose from you don’t have to be a diva if you don’t want to.

Pros: Good for a laugh, makes a great gift, cute looks

Cons: Somewhat thin leather


Grip It and Rip It
Golf Gods

blue golf glove with pink flamingos on it

For the guys and gals out there who like a more risque brand of golf gear and apparel, look no further than the diabolical minds at Golf Gods.

Now, while I chose a more G-rated glove to show here (which goes great with a flamingo golf shirt) this brand has far more lewd offerings than the previous brands.

Sure, compared to other gloves on this list that feature the middle finger, sometimes three fingers are much grosser.

And if you’re still looking to use the F word, we’ve got an excellent alternative to The Bird. All in all, if you want to push the envelope, or know somebody who does, these gloves deliver.

Pros: Some golfers really like the quality while others don’t, great for more daring senses of humor and guaranteed to get a laugh if you know your audience

Cons: Seems to be some quality control issues, still great for a solid belly laugh


You Remind Me of a Vaccum, Pal

cabretta leather glove says you suck on middle finger

I was trying to find a nice way to say, “you suck,” but it’s probably in our best interests to leave it to the glove to relay the message.

Coming in hotter than the Nice Shot glove, you can get a little less cheeky and more straightforward when you decide to pull the middle finger out of hibernation and aim it at your victim.

Made with Cabretta leather for an excellent feel and micro perforations for breathability, you can say a lot without ever opening your mouth. Plus, because it’s unisex, men and women alike will find the size for them.

Pros: Comfortable, breathes well

Cons: Not super durable


What’s for Dinner?
Giggle Golf

golf glove with chicken on it

The phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” has historically been used by winners of a game of chance. Or, to put it another way, degenerate gamblers.

And with how lucky I get with some of my terrible golf shots, it’s no wonder I feel like a gambler on the course. But, also like gambling, sometimes a good start often leads to heavy losses.

At any rate, this velcro glove comes in 6 different styles to highlight your unique personality. Maybe you’re not a bettor but enjoy Star Wars instead, Giggle Golf has you covered there. Check ’em out.

Pros: Fits well, comfortable, good looks, good quality for a funny golf glove

Cons: Not a whole lot


Tacos, Tequila, and a Tee Time
Cowabunga Golf

golf glove with tacos, cacti, and margarita glasses printed on it

Remember the dude who said all you need is love? Clearly, that guy wasn’t really into eating or golfing. I have additional requirements outside of love.

Chief among those requirements are tacos, tequila, and a tee time. And they don’t even have to be in that order. Let’s toss those needs on a golf glove, and let me show the world who I am.

That’s where Cowabunga Golf comes in with their Tacos and Tequila glove. This puppy uses Cabretta leather for a soft feel, printed faux leather for the pattern, and a velcro enclosure to keep it all together.

What else do you need?

Pros: Many find it very comfortable, looks great

Cons: Sizing not exactly correct, not super durable


Funny Golf Gloves Considerations

It’s not all fun and games when picking up a new golf glove. But it is mostly fun if I’m being serious.

At any rate, what else should you consider?


The most important part of any glove arguably comes down to the fit.

Golfers wear gloves to help maintain a tight grip on their clubs to increase control and accuracy while protecting their hands. If the glove is too loose, your grip could slip and result in a poor shot.

If it’s too tight, the glove won’t be very comfortable, your range of motion will suffer, and you won’t wear the thing.

So, account for your hand size, and if you buy a glove online, consult the size chart if the manufacturer makes one available.


You’ll find many materials advertised on websites that sell funny golf gloves.

One of the most common you’ll encounter is Cabretta leather, which is used chiefly in golf gloves and some shoes. It’s made from sheep, but not the sheep commonly used to harvest wool — you’ll fit it on the Nice Shot glove.

Cabretta has an extremely soft feel, and if you’ve used golf gloves in the past, you likely know what I mean.

Further, to increase flexibility, manufacturers use materials like spandex, polyester, and lycra.

These highly malleable materials work well on gloves because they can wrap, bend, and fold easily, then return to their original shape.


Be sure to check out Amazon reviews that rate how durable a glove is. While the same types of materials are often used across brands, some feature higher-quality components than others.

Because these are generally fun items that you’ll give as a gift or just use a few times to get a laugh, these gloves don’t have to hold up to rounds of abuse.

But, if you buy these gloves to last at least several rounds, you’ll want to ensure that they feature quality materials, good craftsmanship, and a pile of positive reviews from happy customers.

Giggle Golf has some nice options.


Because this post is all about funny gloves, style is super important. Depending on your style of humor, golf companies offer tons of options that will most likely suit you and your sensibilities.

For the most risque of all brands, check out Golf Gods. They don’t hold anything back.

That’s All, Folks

Funny golf gloves offer you the chance to express your unique sense of humor with the world. Or they’re just exceptional gifts for the golfer you know and love.

No matter who that person is, be it a man or a woman, I hope you found a great golf glove that’ll score some serious laughs while helping you keep a tight grip on your clubs.

See ya!