Pineapple Golf Shirt: 6 Tropical Tops for 2023

Last Updated on: 26th June 2024, 09:29 pm

We all know a golfer who is extremely serious about golf; they’re the type of person that wouldn’t be caught dead in a pineapple golf shirt. But that’s not you. And it definitely isn’t me.

Whether we’re talking about a button-up or polo shirt, there are a number of great companies that good-looking, comfortable, and breathable shirts for men and women to keep you looking your best swing after swing.

Let’s jump in.

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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Shirt
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Made-in-the-USA Polo
Proud 90

black shirt with multicolored design

Nowadays with everything we consume, wear, and use being manufactured overseas, it’s always nice to run into a product made in the good old USA.

It’s even nicer when that product is worth the extra dough you have to spend to get it made in the US — and this is. With highly breathable material that wicks away sweat, golfers will remain comfortable when the temperatures spike.

Plus, because it’s made of a blend of polyester and spandex, this top features a four-way stretch tech that won’t bind up on you as you uncork a bomb from the tee box.

If you’re into tropical getaways and pineapple polos, make sure you check out Proud 90. Proud 90 makes a great flamingo shirt as well.

Pros: UPF30 sun protection keeps you from burning up out there, moisture wicking effectively moves sweat from the body to outside fabric for quick drying, very comfortable

Cons: Sizing runs slightly small for some


High-End Choice
Tommy Bahama

teal shirt

Tommy Bahama, the brand well known for making comfortable beachwear for leisurely Americans, has done it again with their take on the pineapple golf shirt.

Made out of recycled plastic bottles, this shirt doesn’t require as many resources to create as other polyester shirts. And while that may make you feel good about your choices as a consumer, it’ll feel great out on the golf course, too.

Because it features all-over ventilation, air will move easily through the shirt to cool your body down. Plus, because of its lightweight design, it makes a great travel companion.

Part of the reason for its appeal as a travel piece is that it rarely wrinkles. Just toss it in the dryer and eliminate wrinkles before heading to the course.

Pros: Seven great colors, pineapple design is understated yet classy, very easy to care for, makes a nice impression on casual Friday

Cons: Pricey


Women’s Shirt

women wearing pineapple sleeveless shirt

It isn’t all about men. Women like the casual style of a fun pineapple shirt too. Thankfully, Soneven has just the top for lady golfers who want to show off their fun side.

This sleeveless, moisture-wicking top is sure to look great on and off the course. And with UPF 50+ sun protection, the sun doesn’t stand a chance (on the areas the shirt covers at least).

But it isn’t just about pineapples, this 1/4 zip comes in 18 different styles so you or the woman in your life will always have a fun, comfortable, and lightweight shirt to wear the course, driving range, or wherever else.

If that sounds good to you, be sure to check out this top.

Pros: Vibrant patterns, comfortable, good fit for most

Cons: Some say it’s boxy, others think it runs small, underarm area too big for some golfers


Bombs Away
Eagle Six

shirt with pineapples and grenades

The first place to start when discussing this Eagle Six pineapple polo is the pattern. I love the mix between the delicious pineapple and the destructive grenade.

If you like that combination, you’ll be happy to learn that this shirt is seriously well made too. With a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, it might be the stretchiest shirt of the bunch.

Plus, it fits very well around the arms. There is nothing worse than sleeves that don’t conform to your arms. You won’t find those shenanigans here.

Finally, with great breathability, water resistance, and quick-dry tech you’ll always feel comfortable — even when it’s raining or hot. This shirt does it all.

Pros: Fits very well, comfortable, fabric looks excellent, Eagle Six tries to make all their products in the USA

Cons: Might be pricey for some, but worth it if made in USA

Cheap Top for Men
Amazon Essentials

greyish shirt

Not everyone wants to splurge on a Tommy Bahama. Oftentimes, most shirts are good enough for what they’re supposed to do — cover your horribly disfigured body. Just kidding.

This Amazon top is just that — essential. It’s a polo shirt with an extremely simple pineapple pattern that looks great both on the course and at the office. It isn’t flashy, and it doesn’t need to be.

And because it’s made of 100% cotton, this sucker won’t get too stuffy. Thanks to its relaxed fit, it fits well around the chest and won’t make you uncomfortable.

All in all, you can do much worse than this polo. Grab a couple of shirts from Amazon today and fill out that wardrobe.

Pros: Inexpensive, good looks, a multitude of colors to choose from

Cons: Somewhat heavy material, wrinkles easily, runs big


Button-Down Shirt
Tipsy Elves

pinapple pattern shirt

Tipsy Elves are the makers of fun, slightly off-center shirts for dudes who’ve never been accused of having it 100% together 100% of the time. I’d know, I’m one of those guys.

At any rate, I really like this shirt for a few key reasons. First, it’s super soft. It feels great in your hands and even better when worn. Plus because it’s made of a blend of 52% cotton and 48% rayon it takes on a few different qualities that are great for golfing.

Rayon and cotton are both exceptionally breathable, and rayon imparts a soft feel to the shirt that cotton alone doesn’t provide. Plus, it’s more lightweight due to its blend.

So on the golf course, this shirt will feel great, breathe well, and hopefully get a few compliments. Plus, it has a pocket for holding a pencil or whatever else.

Pros: Print looks very good, good quality for the price, fits well for some

Cons: Too short, fit isn’t great for others, seems to be some quality control issues


Some Factors to Consider When Choosing Shirts

I get it, picking a shirt isn’t that hard. We do it all the time and rarely think twice about it. But, believe it or not, I have some things for you to think over before you press “buy.”

Let’s dig in.


You’re looking for a very specific type of shirt here — a pineapple golf shirt, to be exact. So the most important consideration likely lies with the style of print.

Some are loud and in your face, like the Eagle Six bombs shirt.

On the other hand, you’ll find shirts that are relatively simple, like the Amazon Essentials piece.

Either way, pick something that reflects your personal style. Or, if you’re going for a new look, swing for the fences.


Aside from the pattern, the most important factor when choosing a shirt is the material it’s made of. Let’s break down what each material is and what it means for a shirt really quickly so you get an idea of what these fabrics do.


Polyester is a synthetic material made from plastics. It breathes okay, retains its shape, and is water resistant. Plus, it’s great for outdoor use because it dries rapidly and is very strong despite being lightweight.

One thing to consider is this: Polyester isn’t the most breathable fabric out there compared to a natural substance like cotton.


I’m sure you know what spandex is. Spandex is a highly flexible material that can stretch over and over and retain its shape. Often blended into materials like polyester and cotton, it can make less stretchy materials stretch better.

Spandex is also resistant to sweat, but that doesn’t mean it’s great next to your body. It tends to cling and doesn’t allow your sweat to escape easily.


We all know cotton. It’s one of the most commonly used fabrics in the entire world. What’s so great about it? A highly breathable fabric, you won’t feel overly “clammy” wearing it. But, it isn’t a great moisture wicker but it tends to get saturated. That means you’ll just stay wet.

Also cotton fades over time. It also wrinkles easily. All in all, its breathability makes it an excellent fabric to blend with synthetics to make them less stuffy.


Like cotton, rayon is a highly breathable material. It’s very soft and feels great on your body and in your hands. But, it is difficult to care for. It often requires hand washing or dry cleaning.

Sun Protection

Because golfers get most of their golfing in during the summer, many manufacturers incorporate ultraviolet ray blocking into their materials. Let’s go through a quick breakdown.


This rating applies specifically to clothing. The higher the number (UPF 50 vs UPF 30) specifically determines how much ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) the material can absorb before letting any pass through to your skin.

Compared to SPF, UPF is a measure of both rays, whereas SPF applies specifically to the UVB rays, which are the ones that give you sunburn.

UVA rays, on the other hand, are the ones that apply to skin aging.


SPF is a measure of time and it’s more often applied to sunscreen products than clothing. How is it calculated?

If your skin burns after 20 minutes, the number after the SPF is a multiplication of the time it takes for your skin to burn.

For example, if your skin burns after 15 minutes, and you apply SPF30, you get 15×30 or 450 minutes before you burn. Just beware, if you’re swimming, you’ll have to reapply cuz the sunscreen will wash off.


Ill-fitting clothes stink. They can sap your confidence if too baggy or too tight, so be sure to check out Amazon reviews to see how well specific shirts fit people.

Or consult the manufacturer’s sizing guide, if they provide one.

Thanks for Reading

I just wanted to personally thank you for reading my pineapple golf shirt post here on Golf Gear Club. I love all things golf, including the silly button-down and polo shirts that go along with it.

Be sure to keep checking back with me for more golf gear reviews.

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